Confession, right back where I started.

This is my second to last post on this blog. My 100 days are almost over! I’m gonna keep being happy after this, but I won’t be sharing them on this blog anymore. I’ll create a new one, and put a link for it in tomorrow’s post.

Tonight, I’m reflecting on my first post on this blog, about going to Confession. Well, I’m still a human being, and still an imperfect guy. I still sin. I’m working against it and have gotten better! But I still need, and will until I die, need help from God there. I went to Confession to start this challenge. I went again today at the tail end of this challenge.

Every time I go is powerful and meaningful for me. My sins are lifted off my shoulder and I’m the freest I’m ever going to be! It’s a big deal. And one I’m glad I recognize that I need. I wouldn’t be the guy I am without admitting that need, and I would have lost my soul a while ago.

I went to St Patrick’s and St Anthony’s church in Hartford, where a Franciscan was hearing confessions today. I love getting confession with a Franciscan! Not that the sacrament changes with any order of priests, it’s the same sacrament and does ultimately the same thing, which is more important than any guidance you get from the priest. But in my experience, Franciscan priests are phenomenal at giving guidance and challenging me to grow in my faith through the sacrament. And they ask questions about the sins and care truly about helping me through it all. I appreciate all that.

If you’re Catholic and not gone to Confession lately, go today!!! It’s one of the best things you can do with your life and it’s so powerful and needed in all of our lives.




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