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Getting stuff done

We’re coming on to the last weeks of the semester. That means there is plenty of work to do! Yay! I took most of today to stay in, sit down and get homework done. I’m pleased with the work I got done, but I know I’ll have a lot more to get done. I’ll make sure I take care of myself as the semester begins to wind down.



So I had a great day with my family, filled with more food, stories, games, and whatnot. And I’m writing my post today about Yahtzee, a dice game played with only 4 of my family after all the major festivities. Why? Well first and foremost I won both games we played, so that was pretty sweet. But the real reason is because the Yahtzee games will be the last time my entire immediate family will be together for the Thanksgiving break.

After a few days with the entire extended family, my parents and brother went to dinner for just the 4 of us, and retreated back to our winter place in Quechee, Vermont. We had a nice dinner, then returned home to get a round of games in. My brother will return to Burlington, VT tomorrow morning to resume work for his Masters at UVM, so this is the last time we will all be together for a night.

Tonight’s game du jour: Yahtzee. It’s a simple, but fun game that is all luck, no skill. Well you have to have the skill of planning the game given what the roll gives you and what spaces on your score card you have open. You need to be able to do math in this game, to tabulate your score, and to show that your basic addition skills are still intact. It’s a great deal of fun. Especially with sarcasm, trash talking, and strategy talk left and right. Great way to end the break.

Wait, end the break? Well effectively yes. Tomorrow will be spend doing class work and I’m covering the BU Men’s Basketball game on Sunday at the Roof at the Case Gym at 1pm. If you’re in Boston then, you should go there! It’s a good team in BU and will be entertaining basketball. Plus I’m covering it!

Anyway, it was a good way to effectively end my break. Back to work! IMG_4689.JPGIMG_4692.PNG

Yep. This is a family gathering alright

Laughing, joking, games being played, snow falling outside, beer being consumed, great food being eaten, dishes laying in the middle of our ottoman, empty wine glasses, people falling asleep mid discussion, a roaring fire in the fireplace, dogs and cats roaming around, and staying up way past everybody’s bedtime? Yep, the Lynch family is in town for Thanksgiving!

We’ve only been north for a day, and only with the rest of the family for even less, but we have still covered every needed base for one of our gatherings. There will be more to discuss when I have it to discuss. For now, enjoy these pictures.





Made it to the North Country!

My dad is from Vermont. Many of our family still live near the green mountain state. We live in Connecticut now, but we always love going north to see family. This week is our opportunity to do that. It’s a tradition of ours to go to our Aunt and Uncle’s house in New Hampshire and then our Grandpa’s house in Vermont at Thanksgiving time.

Well I left Boston today, got on the road and went north! I’ve arrived at a place we have in Quechee, VT for an overnight stay. We’ll bake things for the feast here and head to New Hampshire tomorrow to see family.

I’ve only been out of Boston a little and it is already so much quieter, so much more relaxed, and the sky has many more stars. It’s exactly the change of pace I need after a few weeks of going non stop for a hundred miles an hour. I’ll enjoy this little break in the North Country as much as I can I possibly can!

Complete and handed in

It’s paper writing season! Given that I’m a political science major, I get to take pretty cool classes. The downside of it is that most classes have a good amount of writing, which means the end of the semester has papers for basically every class that are due at around the same time. Yay writing!

The first of these papers was due yesterday for my Presidential Politics class. I’m just thrilled that the first paper is in. Now I’ve got others to work on. Yay! At least the first one due was turned in and completed! Now to make sure all the rest of them get done.


Sunshine and Heaven

Sunday was a glorious day. Beautiful sun, a lovely breeze, not too cold, and very comfortable outside. It was weird to have that as a November day, especially given that earlier days were frigidly cold. While unexpected, it was nice.

So naturally, how did I start the day? I was inside giving a talk on Heaven to a group of Men at the BU Catholic Center. We may have been inside but at least it was a great topic with a good deal of stuff to think about.

I used clips from the great movie Gladiator to illustrate points. At the end of the movie is the best image for Heaven I’ve ever seen, when Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, walks through the gates in the afterlife, through a cornfield and finally makes it to see his slain family in peace, joy, and happiness.

I gave that talk, then walked outside into beauty and a relaxed air. How appropriate.