I’m Back!

Hey all! Hope all of your lives have been nice and filled with good things. I’ve been in a serious growth point for a bit, and I thought it would be good for me to take up this challenge again. So for a refresher on the way I’m running this, I’ll post a picture on here everyday for 100 days with an explanation of why this thing, person, place, or time makes me so happy.

Why am I revisiting this now? Because this will serve as a reminder for me as to how amazing life can be and truly is. I’ve grown a lot over the summer, and not every way I’ve grown has been fun or inspiring. I guess that is to be expected, but it did shake my confidence in my own skill set and abilities, and took a bit off my positivity. I don’t have a chance to tell that story here now. You’ll probably hear some pieces of it as the next few days go along. I want to get that happiness and joy back fully.

So here’s how I start the next 100 days: a picture of my friends out playing Frisbee. While this was taken yesterday, I’m counting this anyway for today’s post. Why? Well first because yesterday was beautiful, as is today. Second, it reminds me of my serious love of sports, something that followers of this blog will be inundated with if they follow it. And most of all, it reminds me that I have an amazing group of friends around whom I can be relaxed, joyful, open, honest, and truly happy. How blessed am I that I can take some time to play with a girl from Pennsylvania, a Long Island dude, a California bro, a Texan gal, a Plymouth guy and his girlfriend, a San Diego cool customer, and so many more outstanding personalities. How blessed are we all to have those people whom we trust and get along with that well?

You’ll get more thoughts like this if you follow this blog. Let’s have some fun with the next 100 days!

3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

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