Sing ye men of BU; raise your voices to our God and King!

I’ll do a second post, as the first one for today doesn’t really count. It counts for setting up the challenge again and for something good yesterday. This is still day 1.

I sing. I was in choir for middle and high school, and for the first two years of college. I was active in the choirs we organized for Mass here at BU. Unfortunately my schedule for this semester has prevented me from getting to sing this semester.

I did so tonight! The Boston University Catholic Center(BUCC) has a men’s choir once a month that sings for a night Mass at Marsh Chapel. We sing an assortment of traditional Catholic songs in both english and latin. While there aren’t as many guys who sing as there are girls, there is still some considerable talent, which makes it fun to sing with them!

It was a nice way to end a good day. Music serves as a good grounding mechanism for me, and I feel like I’ve been drifting a little from the BUCC. I’m glad I went and sang at Mass tonight. Now back to the busyness of regular class life!


One thought on “Sing ye men of BU; raise your voices to our God and King!

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