Grace in the Sacraments

I’ve written on this topic before, specifically when started the last challenge, and again when I ended the last challenge. It’s a lesson I always need to be reminded o, as I’m a sinful guy, and I always need God’s guidance and Grace.

I had a chance to go to St. Francis Chapel today after class and before playing basketball, so I could get a chance to get some desperately needed confession. I got to thinking of this song by Josh Groban as I was walking there, and while it’s not intended to discuss a confession to God, it is an accurate description of the mentality of a good, honest confession. I always feel freer and lighter after walking out. And this one was better than usual, as I got some more practical advice to fix pieces of my life that need fixing. Hopefully it works and I let God in a bit more! I’d ask for your prayers there.


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