Relaxing on the Court

I’ve been away for a bit too long, so this will be the first of three posts tonight.

Since returning to BU, and after watching the San Antonio Spurs remind us all how to really play the game, I’ve gotten more into basketball. I’ve been watching more highlights, paying more attention to the Celtics(yes you may laugh at the team this year, not the history of the franchise). I now know many more subtleties of the game, and I enjoy the game more.

And I play more. After class today, I got to get out to FitRec, the gym here at BU and got to play. 1 on 1 with one of my best friends, HORSE, full 5 on 5, and half court 4 on 4. I’m very far from the best player on the floor. I can get rebounds, i can put up an occasional jumper, and I can pass. I’m not good at much else, but I have so much fun playing. And it is a great stress reliever after a good week of classes. Only thing I’m wary of on the court is injury, I rolled my ankle badly shooting hoops on a local court at home. I’m more healed now at least! And the only injury that came out of this game was jamming my finger, not fun, but not bad! I’m still functioning and had fun playing! I’m at a point where playing is therapeutic and relaxing. It tires me out, but I enjoy it so much. Its a beatiful game, a mix of skill, grit, desire, art, and grace.

Enjoy some highlights from the most entertaining team never to win a championship, the Sacramento Kings from 1999-2003:

Larry Legend(Larry Bird for those who don’t know):

The greatest player, Michael Jordan:

And the greatest winner ever, Bill Russell:

3 thoughts on “Relaxing on the Court

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