Welcome to Open Mic Night!

.Post #2

The Boston University Catholic Center hosts an Open Mic night once a semester as an opportunity to showcase the talent in the community. There’s a good spread! Fun story tellers, good actors for improv scenes, plenty of vocalists, guitarists and very talented performers. It’s always fun to have funny people surrounding you. It makes life a little more enjoyable when fun people surround you.

For tonight’s performance, I was the voice of the event. I did the intro for the hosts, and acted as Mr. Announcerman, because why not. I teamed up with two other guys for an improv act. We had a whole lot of fun with it. Improv comedy is always hard, as you need to act quickly, keep coming up with funny stuff on the spot, and keep your composure while there is funny stuff being said around you that you’re not expecting.

To help you laugh a little, here’s some clips of the great television show, Who’s Line is it Anyway, where we got some of our games from.

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