I have a cool job

“This is Chris Lynch reporting court side from the TD Garden as the Boston University Terriers and the Northeastern University Huskies prepare to do basketball battle.”

This was what I thought of as I walked into the Garden today. It’s a take on the intro used by Johnny Most to begin the broadcast of Celtics games for about thirty years. Most is beloved by Celtics fans and we hope that any feeble tribute is acceptable.

I didn’t broadcast a game today. I did the next best thing, I reported on it! I’m the beat writer for the BU Men’s Basketball Team for WTBU Sports. We cover basically every game that we possibly can for BU. For our bigger sports, we write news pieces on our sports website, which we run along with all the radio content we produce. I’m a part of that as well. I help on two shows, one on Thursday mornings, and one on Friday nights. Both are a great deal of fun, provide a fun opportunity to talk sports with other intelligent fans, and allow us to build resumes to hopefully get jobs at the end of college in this field!

Covering the game today is the best job I’ve had since getting to WTBU this semester. I got to be in a great venue, meet amazing people in a profession I would love to be a part of, and I got to watch good quality basketball. If you’re interested, you can read my piece here.

I hope you enjoy it! I had fun composing it. Look around the sight and see the writing from my friends who do good writing as well. I’ll be doing more of these pieces as the year goes along.

5 thoughts on “I have a cool job

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