Finding Truth

When I find a chance to break from working on class stuff, I usually find other opportunities to discuss, debate, and seek the truth of things like :Is there a God, is there such a thing as objective truth, etc etc. Yesterday, the BU Catholic Center co-hosted an event with the BU Interfaith Council called “Catholic Myth Busters”. Dr. Franks, a wonderfully gifted theologian who works at St. John’s Seminary came to field questions from a religiously diverse crowd. We had Protestants, Catholics, Atheists, Jews, and others filling the audience. We asked questions like: “How can there be a loving God if there is so much suffering?”, “Explain the Trinity?”, “What does salvation mean to Catholics?”, “Why is it that so few Catholics seem to have a personal relationship with Jesus in the way many Protestants do?”, and “What is the intellectual justification for Purgatory.”

Many people were expecting a more confrontational night where we vigorously debated the most controversial issues facing the Catholic Church today. We didn’t have any of those questions, and it didn’t become confrontational or bitter on any side. It stayed respectful, honest, and we were looking to actually ask and answer important questions. It was a night that made me appreciate Catholicism and honest discussion. It reminded me that yes, calm, honest discussion between people of different faiths is completely possible, even on a campus as secularized as BU. A warm thank you to everyone who came to the event and were so interested in discussing important aspects of the Catholic faith. We all appreciate a chance to share our faith with those who might be interested in learning about it in any capacity.

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