Like Father, like Son. Well sorta

My dad speaking at MIT

My dad speaking at MIT

My dad was up in Boston on Monday to deliver a lecture at the MIT Center for Real Estate on what he does for his Real Estate Investment firm. I’m always intrigued by what my dad has to say about virtually anything. He is the smartest guy I’ve ever met. He can explain complex points of finance, political strife, and virtually anything else with ease and wit. So when he said that he was giving a lecture on anything, and it was possible for me to hear his lecture, I took him up on the offer and went. He came over to BU to get me, then we drove through a torrential downpour to go to MIT.

When we went inside and managed to navigate our way through the maze that is MIT’s buildings, we were met with great hospitality and Masters students in the MIT Real Estate program who were all much smarter than me. I just sat back and listened to the discussion and tried to learn something from it.

We went into the lecture room and Dad delivered his lecture. He was excellent. He spoke very clearly, he made good jokes, he answered questions well, he made it easy to ask questions(and in fact requested that questions be asked). As I watched, I realized how many of my mannerisms I get from him. We both use our hands, we both use rhetorical questions, we both heighten our pitch when we ask rhetorical questions, and we look very similar. To highlight the last piece, we went to California on vacation a few years ago, and saw one of my dad’s best friends from his time in college. I walked up to his house with my dad, and when we met him, dad’s roommate commented, “Seeing you made me think I was having a flashback to 1977 when I first met Matt.”

While he and I look, think, and act similarly, we are distinctly different people. For example, I am more theatrical than dad. I exaggerate my voice and thoughts a bit more than he does. Perhaps that’s because he is older and more mature than me, but that’s still a key difference. He is also much smarter than I am. Again, a result partly of age, but I regard him as a much smarter guy than me. The biggest difference is that we operate in different worlds. Dad’s in the business and real estate world, and I’m in the school and broadcasting world, quite different places. Despite that, it is always refreshing to see my dad. Seeing him reminds me that I’ll need to work to get anywhere, but if I do, I can accomplish great things as he did.  Thanks for coming up dad!

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