It’s showtime!

I’m an intern at WTBU, the Beat of Boston University. It’s the student radio station here at BU, and we have a lot of high quality programming. Everything from standard music shows to news to sports. As is predictable for me, I intern on sports shows. Specifically I intern on the Sports and Stuff show. We air every Thursday from 8-10 am on 640 AM, 89.3 FM and online at wtbu’s website.

I do a segment each show that usually leads off the show. The topics range far and wide. I can talk about anything from golf to college basketball, including UConn hoops and personal connections. I’ve been able to discuss my favorite sport of all, baseball, and I’ve learned about sports I wasn’t terribly interested in beforehand, like college football, and admittedly, BU Basketball.

The hosts, Kelly and Alexa have been fantastic to me this semester. They’ve given me a great forum to discuss all things sporting good, have showed how to run a good show and move from segment to segment, and how to have fun doing it. I’m blessed to work on this show! And I’m excited to round out the semester! I’m not sure what show I’ll be working on next semester, but I’m confident that I’ll have fun with it still. After all, it is sports talk!


2 thoughts on “It’s showtime!

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