College football and improv eating

Boston University does not have a football team. They did until 1997, when the team was hemorrhaging money and they needed to disband the team to get athletics money under the requirements of Title IX. Football is my second favorite sport, and it is unfortunate that a school our size does not have a football team.

I got to go to the Harvard-Yale game at Harvard Stadium on Saturday. My dad is a Harvard Alumnus, so he got tickets for the game, though we were in the Yale section of the seats. It was a fantastic game, with great defense in the first half, a great performance in the 3rd by Harvard, a furious comeback by Yale, and a game winning drive to win the game and seal a perfect season for Harvard. It was a fantastic game, and it was fun relaxing with my family.

After the game, we went to Mass at St. Paul’s, then to this place in Harvard square called the Improv Grill. It’s a unique idea for a place. You pick food out of dishes of your choosing, and go to a grill in the center of the room, where the chefs cook the food on the spot for you. It’s a great idea, not too expensive, and has great food. And here’s the kicker, my dad ordered this sweet looking drink that had alcohol on top of the alcohol. Long story short, go try this place! When I turn 21 in August, I’m gonna try that drink and Id gladly go back there sooner. I’m happy to have had such a nice day with my family on Saturday.




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