Sunshine and Heaven

Sunday was a glorious day. Beautiful sun, a lovely breeze, not too cold, and very comfortable outside. It was weird to have that as a November day, especially given that earlier days were frigidly cold. While unexpected, it was nice.

So naturally, how did I start the day? I was inside giving a talk on Heaven to a group of Men at the BU Catholic Center. We may have been inside but at least it was a great topic with a good deal of stuff to think about.

I used clips from the great movie Gladiator to illustrate points. At the end of the movie is the best image for Heaven I’ve ever seen, when Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, walks through the gates in the afterlife, through a cornfield and finally makes it to see his slain family in peace, joy, and happiness.

I gave that talk, then walked outside into beauty and a relaxed air. How appropriate.

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