So I had a great day with my family, filled with more food, stories, games, and whatnot. And I’m writing my post today about Yahtzee, a dice game played with only 4 of my family after all the major festivities. Why? Well first and foremost I won both games we played, so that was pretty sweet. But the real reason is because the Yahtzee games will be the last time my entire immediate family will be together for the Thanksgiving break.

After a few days with the entire extended family, my parents and brother went to dinner for just the 4 of us, and retreated back to our winter place in Quechee, Vermont. We had a nice dinner, then returned home to get a round of games in. My brother will return to Burlington, VT tomorrow morning to resume work for his Masters at UVM, so this is the last time we will all be together for a night.

Tonight’s game du jour: Yahtzee. It’s a simple, but fun game that is all luck, no skill. Well you have to have the skill of planning the game given what the roll gives you and what spaces on your score card you have open. You need to be able to do math in this game, to tabulate your score, and to show that your basic addition skills are still intact. It’s a great deal of fun. Especially with sarcasm, trash talking, and strategy talk left and right. Great way to end the break.

Wait, end the break? Well effectively yes. Tomorrow will be spend doing class work and I’m covering the BU Men’s Basketball game on Sunday at the Roof at the Case Gym at 1pm. If you’re in Boston then, you should go there! It’s a good team in BU and will be entertaining basketball. Plus I’m covering it!

Anyway, it was a good way to effectively end my break. Back to work! IMG_4689.JPGIMG_4692.PNG

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