Gym Time to Heal

I’ve been saying I need to get in shape for a while now. I had some success after I graduated from high school, and moments of real consistent workouts here at BU. But they are often streaky and not long term minded.

I need to get a bit tougher minded and I’ve got a great chance to do it now. For years now, I’ve been struggling with an addiction to pornography. It’s inhibited more development and more chances for me to reach my full potential as a boyfriend, prayerful man, and student(among other things). The good thing I’ve figured out is that I’m not in this fight alone. My good buddy Tim is traveling this path with me, and he offered a good alternative: Workouts. They get energy pumping, they get the body working, and they’re good for the soul. We worked out Tuesday night and plan to make it more habitual next semester. My arms are a tad sore, but the workout was so worth it.

I’ve been following my friend Alison’s blog, Daily Moves and Grooves, and I admire her dedication to regular exercise, healthy living, honest growth, and a better life. I want that. Hopefully I’ll walk with Tim and Alison into a better life and get free. Please pray for me there.

3 thoughts on “Gym Time to Heal

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