“You are looking live…”

I want to be a sportscaster. That’s been my dream job ever since I was a little kid. I want to have a job where I describe the games of great athletes who regularly show us mere mortals how much bigger, stronger, more physically able they are than us in order to entertain us all. It’s a marvel to watch.

Given that I want to do that job, I’ve watched a lot of games in my life. How many? No mind in the universe can count that high. Out of all the best broadcasters I’ve listened to, my favorites are Kevin Harlan, Chris Berman, and Brent Musburger.

Kevin Harlan is to me the best NBA announcer working, has a perfect style for the game, and makes it utterly exciting to watch basketball.

Chris Berman was the first broadcaster I ever loved listening to. He can do the Home Run Derby, NFL highlights, live baseball games, and make it all entertaining. He can get me to sit down with whatever I’m doing and get me to listen.

The best, however, is Brent Musburger. He has done games for all different sports forever it seems. He’s worked NBA, NFL, and College games. He’s probably done more sports than those as well. His voice is so smooth, crisp, and his delivery style is so perfect. He opens up broadcasts with a landscape shot of the stadium where the game is being played with him saying “You are looking live!…”. To me, that is the perfect line to open a broadcast with. I would be tempted to steal that from him for a game if I could. I used it tonight for this twitter post tonight at the BU Men’s Basketball game, which they won. But we’ll see if I get a chance to develop. Maybe I’ll get that chance!

Until then, “You are looking live, at Chris Lynch trying to get himself through the final stretch of the semester!”

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