A dabble of History

I love history. It was my favorite topic in school as a little kid. My dad got me interested in American history. He studied it in college. My brother and I wanted to mimic our dad when we were kids, so we picked up an interest in American history that carried over to today. I still love learning about it, still enjoy the lessons that can be gleaned from yesteryear, and still love learning amazing stories.

I’m taking a class on the American Revolution now. The work for said class is part of a furious push in the last two weeks of the semester. I’m a little daunted by the work I have for this class, and for my other ones. However, I still find joy in learning the history of my country and I wish that more people would do so. It’s a rich tale filled with heroes, villains, stories of glory and failure, and lessons of how to lead one’s life.

3 thoughts on “A dabble of History

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