Celtics vs Lakers, sorta

I’m a shameless Celtics fan. They are my team. Paul Pierce was my favorite player as a kid. The team has won more championships than any other franchise in basketball history. This year’s team is… Well let’s just say they’re in rebuilding mode.

Being a Celtics fan means that I am required to hate the LA Lakers. Ugh. I don’t like that team. Everything from their uniforms to the arrogance of the franchise, to its history, to the painful memories. The worst basketball memory I have is from the 2010 NBA finals between the Celtics and the Lakers. In game 6 at the Staples Center, Kendrick Perkins went down and was lost for that game and the next. That doomed Game 6 for the C’s. In game 7, the Celtics were so close to winning. In a close game, the dagger that hurt the most was a Ron Artest 3 pointer that put the Lakers up by 6 with a minute left. RON ARTEST!!! Aye it hurts still thinking about it.

The Celtics and Lakers met on the floor of the Garden tonight. This match up was once a marquis event in the sports world. But now, both teams are rebuilding and struggling. This important rivalry has been reduced to a minor game in the NBA schedule. It’s still the Celtics and Lakers so we still think it’s sorta a big deal!

I didn’t get to watch that much of the game tonight, just some closing parts of the fourth quarter. I was pleased to watch the Celtics blow out the Lakers. Final score: Celtics 113 Lakers 96. These two teams might not be that good, but it’s still Celtics Lakers. It’s always a good night when the Celtics blow out LA.

7 thoughts on “Celtics vs Lakers, sorta

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