A Blast from the Past

I’ve been friends with this girl, Becky since I was in Kindergarden. She and I went to Duffy Elementary School in West Hartford as kids. After first grade, I switched schools and I didn’t stay on the same school path as her. We managed to stay in contact and are still friends today.

Out of the blue, she contacted me and we were able to catch up on our crazy lives this semester. Part of her catching up was sharing a picture found while cleaning her house, prepping for moving soon. This picture found was one of us as kids in my back yard at the house I used to live in. Comparing this picture

with this one of us meeting up after her performance in Godspell with Cirillo Summer Theatre this past summer is remarkable.

We’ve both grown up so much. We are different people. I’m a Boston kid, she’s a New York girl. I’m a sports mind. She’s a music and entertainment mind. We are both theatre people, and we are still excellent friends. It’s a great reminder of how much I’ve grown in probably 10 years since the picture was taken. Thanks for the reminder Becky!

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