Classwork: Exhausting and Fun?

It’s finals season. There’s seemingly endless papers, exams, projects, and it gets all of us students exhausted. It mentally runs us into the ground, drives us psychotic and makes us want to be done with it all as quickly as reasonably possible. We knew this part of the year was coming, and now here are the sleepless nights, the work, and the mild insanity. I’ve had more work than I expected, but it has not been that bad. It has been stressful, but manageable. And even fun? I know I know, I’m not a huge school person. I enjoy having all my schoolwork done, so that I can do more fun things. But I do acknowledge that school is my primary job being here at BU. I prefer my history and politics classes, but I do enjoy my Spanish class and kinda enjoy my stats class. I’m not a math person, so I don’t get that much enjoyment or as many lessons out of it. Sorry to all math people who see this post. I’ll be happy once the semester is over. Then it’ll be a good to take a break and come right back in January to do it all over again.

2 thoughts on “Classwork: Exhausting and Fun?

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