Disney: Great Movies for the Soul

I got to watch one of my favorite movies over the weekend, Aladdin. It was a great break mentally from a long week and the final stretch of the semester. Why is Aladdin so awesome? My favorite reason is Robin Williams as the Genie. His improvisation, mimicry, voices, and acting talent is phenomenal. He highlights the best of Disney movie magic.

The movie lightened my head a little with cool numbers like this:

This is not the first Disney movie to do this for me. Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, The Lion King, and others have given me a chance to breath and relax. They’ve all been reminders to pay attention to the beautiful stories surrounding me and to enjoy the world’s beauty. And to sing and dance through my life. Hopefully you can watch these movies and take a breather from your busy lives.

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