Hoops Tales

It’s important to keep healthy and get good exercise while stressed, as we at BU are with finals. Yesterday, I managed to get some good exercise by going to FitRec to play some basketball. I helped organize a group of my Catholic Center friends to go play a full court 5on5 game. It was so much fun. Granted, my team did not end up winning, but we still had a ball and enjoyed it tremendously. I also used the play to help determine how I want to set up the intramural games we’ll have. I’m organizing a team to play in the Co-Rec Intramural league next semester, and we’ve got some real talent this year. I’m excited to put it together this season.

After the CC game wrapped up, some other dudes took over the court and invited some of us to step on the court for a 4on4 game. I stepped up and played. It was cool playing because I knew one of them from my high school and another one was in my older brother’s year at the same school. Familiarity makes for good competition. It was surprisingly good competition. Their team was taller than us by 3-4 inches on average, much stronger than we were and more talented than we were. And yet we managed to get out to a lead. I made the first two baskets of the game. First was a layup underneath through traffic, which was fun. The second was a beautiful 3 ball that swished perfectly. I got to trash talking with them when I started hitting shots. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut though, because we did end up losing the game 12-10. Oh well. Still had a ball and excited to play in real games when we get back next semester!

3 thoughts on “Hoops Tales

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