Musical Nostalgia

When I checked my mail, I found a friendly surprise. I did a musical over the summer. The West Hartford Summer Arts Festival put up a production of On The Town, a Leonard Bernstein musical set in 1944 New York City about a trio of sailors who have a 24 hour shore leave to go into NYC and explore, party, meet women, and have a good time. It was an amazing show to do. I had ordered a video of and a collection of pictures from the show to serve as a reminder of how awesome the whole thing was. The video arrived earlier this year, but the pictures did not arrive until later. And by later I mean today! I opened my mailbox, and there was a collection of amazing memories staring me right in the face. Each picture shows a scene, a story, a memory, and a precious moment to me. They remind me of the ephemeral nature of theater and life itself. Therefore I will hold these memories close to me.

I wasn’t a lead in the show. I was a chorus guy. I sang in some chorus numbers, had some spoken lines in the show as an Emcee in a few different night clubs and in a trippy dream version of Coney Island. I wasn’t the center of the show, but I still loved the show. I loved the rehearsal process, the people I met doing the show, the hectic tech week, the beautiful music that touched my soul, and all the lessons learned from the show. I loved every chance to entertain people who came to the show from opening night, to the close of the show. We had a magical run. Now that it has been over for months, I can look at the show with all smiles and positive memories. Here are some of the pictures that best encapsulate my memories.

Rehearsing our music. Yes, I made friends with a Yankee fan for the sake of the show.

On Real Coney Island, standing with concerned wife, staring into the mid distance.

Emcee at Diamond Eddie’s. Flanked by our wonderful dancers. Hope all the shine and sparkle isn’t too much.

Introducing an act on Imaginary Coney Island.

Reacting to a crazy scientist.

Reacting to the act at the Copa Cabana being rudely interrupted.

Wifey pulling me some place while on Coney Island.

Singing to a girl in the number “Lucky to be Me”. One of the best and most beautiful numbers in the show.

When SAF puts up their next show this summer, I’ll be there to watch it, if not be a part of it again. It was amazing to work with them I hope that others get the same sorta chance I had.

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