Breakfast: The Best Meal of the Day

Looking back over this past semester, if there’s any immediate way that I can help improve my physical and mental health, it is to improve my eating habits. I fell into a habit of eating unhealthy foods, and having either late breakfast times, or on some days no breakfast at all. I know, I know, not the best idea. I’ve gotten better over the last two weeks. Best breakfast for the week was at a nice coffee shop on Commonwealth Ave called Pavement. Its a quality place to get to enjoy a good meal, and a good place to study. I got breakfast there with a friend on Tuesday morning. We both needed to get some food, and we did. We got good food, good tea, (yes we went to a coffee shop and didn’t have coffee… Oh well), and caught up each other on cool stories we had seen in that morning’s paper, or in the campus life, or in our own lives. Last but not least, we got to help each other review a little bit for our exams. Pavement is a good place to study, if you can find a seat, and we found one so we got a little studying done. It was a nice time. And yes, I’ll do a better job of getting real breakfasts in the future.

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