“Oh How the Years go By.”

I often have music playing in the background when I’m doing work, walking some place, or working out. When I went to Fitrec to workout Monday after two exams, I put my playlist on, and I felt like I wanted a different song than what I had. So I moved away from the court, sat down, and put in Basketball songs into YouTube. A Vanessa Williams song called “Oh How the Years Go By” was at the top of the list, as the music behind a montage of old basketball clips. I was gripped by the simplicity, beauty, and elegance of both the video and the song. It was not a usual workout song, but it does work for that purpose.

After my workout, I got to wondering about how amazing my growth has been in the last few years. From the naive kid when I entered college, to the scared and tired one after freshman year, to the talkative and positive guy after sophomore year, to where I am now. It’s remarkable the growth I’ve had and I look foreword to more of it. Let’s see what that song will remind me of in the coming weeks and years.

Here’s the aforementioned music video for Oh How the Years Go By. http://youtu.be/tbUdi5wK8o0

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