Take a Breather at the MFA

I’m done! I’m done! I’m done! It’s not quite as good as finishing last semester, but its still a good relief. It was a difficult semester, with a lot of lessons learned, and with a good number of stories to tell. Everything from an increased interest in basketball, both playing and watching, to sweet jobs with WTBU covering games for BU, wherever I can watch them, and doing radio shows with them, to harder schoolwork. I finished my last exam today, and I walked out of it feeling free and relaxed, as the hardest semester so far, mentally at least, came to a conclusion.

So what did I do when the semester ended? I went to the Museum of Fine Arts over near Northeastern University to relax. They have an exhibit now of Francisco Goya’s art. I did not realize how talented and how versatile an artist he is until I saw his work for myself. He was able to do portraits,

pencil sketchings of weird stuff,

Holy images,

and pictures of innocent playing children.

It was a nice way to end a hard semester. I’ll head home tomorrow, and look forward to a nice break, a chance to rest up, and I’ll come back in the next semester rejuvenated and ready to go.

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