The deep breath before the plunge

I apologize for not posting here lately. I’ve been in the middle of my final exams! I’m gonna catch up in my posts starting with this one.

Sunday night of exam week, I was prepping for my first two exams, including my hardest one, Statistics. Given that it was Sunday and I hadn’t yet gone to Mass, I went to St. Clements and met one of my closest friends for Mass. We enjoy there because the Priest’s homilies are always extraordinary. It was a good way to end a nice day of work and review, and a lovely Mass.

It was a good deep breath before the plunge, as so eloquently put by Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, before the Battle of Mina’s Tirith. (That might be the first Lord of the Rings reference the whole challenge. There will be more to come in the future.) Regardless, praying and Mass before exams is always a good idea. I’m happy I did.

One thought on “The deep breath before the plunge

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