The Hobbit: Dragons, Battle, and Beauty

I love The Lord of the Rings, both the films and the books. Both are masterpieces of their respective media, both tell of glorious heroes, tragic loss, and inspiring sacrifice. The first in the Lord of the Rings cannon was a short book called the Hobbit, which Peter Jackson turned into 3 more movies. The last one was released on December 17, which was right in the middle of my finals week. If I didn’t have a final exam the next day, I would have gone to the midnight premier. But I did not. So I waited until I got home and was with my family. We went to see the movie on Monday night. It gave everything one could expect from a film in the Lord of the Ring universe. There was great battle action, violence, dramatic dialogue, magic, moral arguing, ancient feuds, killing orcs, and funny hobbit scenes in the Shire. The subtitle of this last Hobbit movie was “The Battle of Five Armies”, and that was a very accurate description. Most of the two hour movie was filled with the different phases of the epic battle that included Orcs, Men, Elves, Dwarves, and other mystical beasts. Even for a Lord of the Rings movie, the violence was at times gratuitous, but there was catharsis in a love story, and beautiful friendships formed and tested in the most unlikely of places and ways. This trailer doesn’t capture the full scale of the movie, but it does a pretty good job of it. While I know there are some pieces of the movie that don’t exist in the book and that will annoy purists, I encourage all to see it and me entertained and enthralled by The Hobbit. And yes, there is a dragon that spectacularly burns and destroys a town in the opening sequences of the movie, but there’s more to it than that. Go see it! It is a beautiful demonstration of how isolation destroys the heart, how love hurts, and how beautiful friendship can be. I enjoyed it. I think you will too.

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