Welcome to The Holiday Inn and to Musical Theatre!

I’ve done and seen many shows. I’ve written about the process of being in one, the memories in them, the lessons to be learned from them, the fun of performing in them, and the joy of my friendships in them. I don’t believe I’ve written about going to see one. Well now I will do that! Sunday night, the Goodspeed Opera House put on a production of Holiday Inn. This is a live stage version of the Irving Berlin musical movie featuring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire from 1942. I haven’t gotten to see the movie version, but the musical version was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was great music, dancing to make me both awed by and envious of the men on stage, clever plot points, brilliantly funny characters, a lively crowd, and everything you could ask for out of a musical. Our seats were close to the stage and off to the right side of the house. It was cool sitting there, because some of the staging used that area for the actors to interact with the audience, so it was so cool to be the people with whom they broke the fourth wall. Here are some highlights from the show.

Seeing a show tends to lift my spirits and make me remember how beautiful the stage is. I’m reminded of all the lessons I learned performing, and how beautiful life can be. True, musicals are an idyllic version of the world, but there is alwasy serious truth in the songs sung and stories told. Ol’ Man River brings out the pain and dreariness that life can have. Some Enchanted Evening tells how beautiful love is and can be. And Defying Gravity challenges us to look beyond our limits and fears. Take an opportunity to listen to show tunes, or watch a musical. I’ve been better for it. I believe many people would be if they chose it too. Watching a musical lifts my spirits. It reminds me to take a chance on my skills and to find my way through. I hope this reminds you to do so too.

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