Funny TV Ads

A quality pastime for my family is watching sporting events. Part of watching a sporting event is watching the funny commercials that air in the middle of the broadcast. They air at points throughout the game, and are funny in varying degrees. The ones that are clever and funny often make it into the lexicon of memes and references that never seems to stop growing. We saw a recent Geico commercial poking fun at former Bengals running back Icky Woods. We quite enjoyed it, and enjoyed the opportunity to make more jokes. Geico has also given us the now legendary Camel Hump Day spot, and the equally hilarious spot paryoding the original. Expanding to other companies, State Farm introduced us to Jake, and Aaron Rodger’s trainers. This is not the first time we’ve been able to laugh at Packer’s players. It’s fun to get to laugh at one of our teams.

I was reminded of all this when I saw an older spot of a Progressive spot with Flo. I can enjoy laughing at these sorts of ads, and thought others reading this blog could enjoy them too. Have some good laughs!

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