Merry Christmas from Connecticut!

I know this is late, but I had a a wonderful Christmas Day with my family. We celebrated Mass, opened gifts, shared a beautiful feast, fun stories, and an overall fun time. There were two parts of the day I enjoyed more than any other.

1: When we sat down at Mass, the choir was performing some music. My favorite song they sang was Midwinter, which is arranged by Bob Chilcot. When I went to the Christmas Concert, this version was not sung. So I was thrilled that they decided to sing this before Mass!

2: After gifts were opened and Mass was celebrated, we went out for a walk in Penwood State Park, which is a nice park in our neighboring town, Simsbury, CT. It was a fun, and beautiful day to get out for a walk, which in my family means we’re talking about politics, philosophy, God, and anything else we can think of. It’s a good deal of fun.

Safe to say I enjoyed my Christmas. Hopefully you enjoyed yours!

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