A 2014 Wrap-Up

I know this is late, but I need to write out my wrap up for 2014.

Wow, what a crazy year it’s been for me. Schoolwork, a relationship, musicals, broadcasting, new friends, great trips, and amazing stories.

The year was promising at the start. I had a fun break with family in Vermont, with skiing and books galore. I got right back into Boston and had a blast at the start. I worked a retreat with the BU Catholic Center, loved the people I worked with, and got closer to God working on it. Shortly after that, a few friends pitched the idea to do the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I started this blog for the challenge. I enjoyed doing the challenge. It chronicled schoolwork, the end of my time in the College of General Studies, my consistent love of Boston, my time spent with great friends, and fun sports stories.

At the end of the challenge, I completed a good semester, had a job and musical lined up, and had a nice relationship going with a girl I had become closer with through the challenge. In fact, she helped convince me to do the challenge, and she became one of my best friends, and we decided to date. Over the summer, I had fun doing a show, working my job, going to Chicago on vacation, and enjoying time with friends and my girlfriend. I loved the summer. I got back to Boston in pretty good spirits. I was in a good place when I got back. However, the semester did not go as well as I had hoped. I had a hard semester grade wise, my girlfriend and I broke up, and I struggled with pieces of my faith. There were very good things though. I met good people, I got involved in the broadcasting world, and got some great jobs through WTBU. I felt I needed to remind myself that there are great things in life, so I revisited and redid the challenge. I’ve not been consistent with keeping up on the challenge, but I will do a better job of it for the rest of the challenge. I’m a little over halfway through it, so let’s make it a little fun the rest of the way!

I ended the year the same place physically as where I started, on vacation in Quechee Vermont. I ended in a very different mental place. I had a crazy year, and grew in so many ways I never thought I would. I’m so thankful for all of my experiences. I enjoyed the year, and I look forward to a good 2015.

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