Back to High School?

I know it’s break, but I’m not so bored over break that I’d wanna go back to see my old high school, right? Well I wasn’t bored, just wanted to get out and see some former teachers and good friends of mine. I got in, and wander through the halls where so many memories live. I had a lot of fun wandering through there. I relived the band stories when I stepped into the band room and saw the trophies I helped our program win, remembered what it was like walking through the halls in the school’s dress code, and most poignantly, stepped into my old mind when I stepped onto the stage in the school’s auditorium. The stage and the house were completely black when I walked out there. I found the light panel and turned it on. When the lights came on, I felt like I was back in musical rehearsal. I had a rush of memories all at once that made me miss the place, then made me consider how much I have grown since and because of my time there. Then I ran into the teachers I was looking for. I got to share my stories and realized that I felt old seeing that I don’t know many of the students at the school. I’ll be forgotten there soon. Oh well.

There was one more chance to reminisce. I went downtown with other students to volunteer at the Manna Community Meals. I was a regular there when I was a student, volunteering monthly on the first Monday of the month most of the school year for four years. We made the same meal there every time we went: Chicken Catalina with Mac and cheese, steamed vegetables, garlic bread, salad and a desert.


I greatly enjoyed getting to work there, getting to eat good food that I made, and I loved seeing how I’ve grown because of all the time I’ve spent there. It was a great use of a day for me.

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