Lunch with a friend

The first weekend of the new year. It snowed, then turned into freezing rain, which made it really bloody difficult to drive places. Oh joy. But I still got out of my house and got to see a great friend of mine. I went to Moe’s in Blue Back Square to get lunch with my great friend, Billy Gillen. We did On The Town this past summer with the West Hartford Summer Arts Festival. He became a great friend in the process of doing the show. That’s a little surprising because in some respects, we are of different backgrounds in some respects. I’m a New Englander, and he is really a New Yorker. There are some important differences inherent in that. He’s a Yankee fan and I’m a Red Sox fan. Need I say anymore than that? Somehow we still get along. We have a great respect for each other as honest men, actors, and thinkers. I hadn’t seen him since the summer, so we had some funny stories to catch up on, like my funny basketball tales from BU, his funny stories from acting school, and reminiscing about show times. I wish my man luck in school this semester! I’ll see you soon Billy!

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