Tom Terrific

I’m a Patriots fan. They’re my favorite football team, and Tom Brady, the quarterback of the team is my favorite player. Yes it’s kinda cheating to have one of the greatest players on the history of the game as your favorite, but it’s really easy and good to do! Especially when you have to acknowledge master quarterbacking skills, clever Facebook posts, like the following…






and just how beautiful a man he is.(No I’m not gay, I, like every other serious male patriots fan, have a serious man crush on Tommy)


I’m posting this because in last night’s playoff game against the rival Baltimore Ravens, the Patriots won despite rushing for only 14 yards. Brady completed 33 passes of 50 attempts, threw for 367 yards, threw 3 touchdowns and ran for another one. It was a magnificent performance and the Patriots won over a team that has had their number in the playoffs recently. It was a fun game to watch and Patriots fans everywhere should be elated and happy today, because we have the best QB in the league.


6 thoughts on “Tom Terrific

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