Trans Siberian Orchestra

On Sunday the 4th, the Trans Siberian Orchestra played the final show of their tour at the XL Center in downtown Hartford. My dad managed to swing tickets to get to see their concert. We went and it was so much fun! We had good seats, good company from other people in my dad’s company. They opened up the show with a concept album, called The Christmas Attic. It’s a curious and clever mix of old timey story telling, Pink Floyd rock, ballad piano, and Christmas carols. It’s a fun album to listen to. Not to mention throwing in all the lights and pyrotechnics in the show. They loved using the flame throwers.
The second half of the show was a collection of songs that were rock and roll takes on classical songs and artists, like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and those level of greats. They ended the concert with their most iconic song, which is a rock rendition of the Carol of the Bells. I think that version is the best song they have. All in all, the concert was a great time. It wasn’t as loud as I was told it would be. The Goo Goo Dolls still have the standard for loudest concert I’ve ever attended. It was the best spectacle concert I’ve ever been to. It was another fun time that I can add to the list of fun family outings.








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