I don’t watch many television shows. Most of what I watch is sports and news. It’s worth noting that I put those two in that order. I do have a few shows I like to watch. Among them is CBS’s most consistently entertaining and touching show, NCIS. It tells the story of a group of agents for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in Washington D.C. It tells of their investigations, backstories, love lives (or lack thereof), the politics of Washington, and the complications inherent in humanity. It’s a great TV show.

The characters are all well developed, they’ve got interesting stories, and they’re all interesting to watch. Everyone from Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the man in charge of the team with a turbulent past and a rough attitude, to Dr Mallard, aka Ducky, the delightful British Medical Examiner, to Tim McGee, a nerdy member of the investigating team, all the characters are fun to watch. When I was a freshman in college, I dressed as Tony DiNozzo, the smooth, calm, womanizer of the team. No, I’m not a womanizer, I just played one for Halloween at some point in time. This was our team. Compare and contrast us with the real team.


The show airs on Tuesday nights, so I got to watch the show with my mom tonight. The episode was excellent! It hit the emotional points that are expected, it made me laugh (mostly at Tony), and it made me remember how annoying and heartless Washington politics can be (as if I need another reminder for that). It was a nice way to enjoy the night. I’m amazed that NCIS has kept the consistent level of excellence that it has since 2003. I hope to see more episodes to come!

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