How to Learn: Ask, Listen, and Take Good Notes

I’m a college student, but I’m always trying to figure out how I can learn stuff. I’m always trying to figure out better people I can listen to, or lectures to hear, or people to talk to, or books to read, or anything that will teach me something interesting and useful. I had a reminder yesterday of the most important reminder of how to learn: You have to ask someone for help.

I need to improve my note taking, so yesterday I took the time to sit, and listen to a Ted Talk delivered by a Brazilian media guy named Bruno Torturra, who spoke about creating a news agency that used smartphones as their main camera. You can watch it here.

I sat and enjoyed the talk, and took notes, as I would for a regular class lecture. I asked my dad to review my notes and give me notes on how I could improve. I can fix my penmanship and improve how I use shorthand first and foremost, but I’m not far from being a good note taker, which is a skill I’ll need for this semester. I wouldn’t have gotten that lesson if I didn’t open my mouth and ask for it. I’m happy that I did say something to my dad, and also thankful that he gave me a good response.

Thanks Dad! I will put the notes you gave me to good use this semester.

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