Inspiration in Music

Today was my last day before leaving Connecticut to return to my beloved city of Boston. I’m excited for my break to end, and to get back to Boston University for this semester. So what did I do tonight? I went with my parents to see the Hartford Symphony Orchestra’s concert at the Bushnell tonight. I love the HSO. I’ve seen them several times with my parents, and they’ve been deserving of a standing ovation every time. The group is extraordinarily talented, they pick difficult pieces of music, they give performances that touch the soul in ways that only excellent music can.

The music tonight? A Dance by Manuel De Falla, a piece called Poèma, by Ernest Chausson, the famous Overture of Carmen, by Franz Waxman, and two pieces, one a hymn of sorts called Finlandia and the other a symphony by Jean Sibelius. The verdict? I greatly enjoyed the concert. The music mixed in up tempo sections with light and wilting violin solos, the conductor was lively, the crowd enjoyed it, and I had a very nice time out.

I’ve been to many concerts and performed in many as a singer, but I’ve always felt a little more awed by instrumental concerts, because working a tool, if you will, has always intrigued me a touch more than working a part of your own body. Why? Because you can see the work and appreciate when someone is truly talented and good at it, in a way you really can’t do with vocalists. The concert reminded me of that. It also reminded me how much I enjoy listening to that genre of music. On the way home, I was reminded of two other classical pieces I have been humming in my head because I heard similar lines in the concert to these two. I put in my headphones, and listened to them. The first was Gustavo Holst’s piece from The Planets called Jupiter. The part of the movement I’ve always loved since it was introduced to me was the movement from 2:53 to 4:40. It’s one of my favorite sections to listen to because it’s a grand song. When I think of the feeling of triumph and success, this is what comes to mind. If I walk in the Gates of Heaven after I die, I imagine that I’ll hear that movement of music, or the Angelic equivalent of it. It’s always been an inspiration to me to get through challenges and trouble. I’ll need that inspiration to do well this semester.

The other song I listened to was a piece by Samuel Hazo called Solas Ane (Yesterday’s Joy)</em>. The friend who introduced this song to me said it was her favorite to listen to and play. I can understand both. My friend was a flautist, and this song is driven by the flutes. I can see why she had fun playing it. I love listening to it because it is an inspiring song. I can listen to it and see where I’ve come from. And I can see where I’m going. I’m headed towards an awesome set of stories in this semester and life ahead. I really have no idea what any of them are, but I know good things are ahead for me, and for all those who’s path I cross in the coming months. I’m always reminded to stay up beat listening to these songs, it’s the inspiration I need to do great things in my life, and it’s the sort of inspiration you can only get from a great piece of music that touches your soul just right.



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