American Sniper: Oh my God… What a movie!

Last night I saw American Sniper with some friends. When the movie ended, we sat in an emotionally stunned state. We could not get over just how beautiful the film was.

First, to review the qualities as a movie. The acting was superb. Especially by the leading man and lady, Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller. They played their roles perfectly, and made me marvel at the capacity for human affection between two people, especially with the back stories that they have. The effects and graphics were good, other than one scene when the soldiers were in a sandstorm, but other than that, the technical pieces of the movie were all high quality.

American Sniper did something more than just be entertained. It made me laugh, cry, and truly feel the emotions of the characters. I felt the emptiness of Taya Kyle when her husband wasn’t really there, the emotionless disconnection of Chris Kyle from his family, the fear of death inherent in war, and the desire for true human connection and protection. Chris Kyle’s story is terrifying, beautiful, and enlightening. It reminds us that even the best soldiers can have a heart and care about others. It shows the beauty of the human soul, and the ugliness of when people are pushed by radical ideologies and fear to their breaking point. That’s why American Sniper is the greatest war movie created. I hope that everyone gets to see it. It’s a beautiful and stunning film that should win best picture and should net Bradley Cooper an Academy Award. I’ll remember this movie and keep reminding myself of the sacrifices made by American soldiers for our freedom. And I’ll be sure to hold to the things and people I love more than I did before.

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