Appreciating other team’s fans

I’ve followed football for years. Last week Sunday was championship week, and my Patriots won to make it to the Super Bowl against Seattle. Of course, many fans in the country were not pleased by this. There’s one in particular that I’ve been following who has been vocal about his disdain for both teams in the Super Bowl this year. Last year, I started following a YouTube series called That’s Good Broncos, a series covering the happenings of the Denver Broncos football team. The show is hosted by a guy named Brandon Perna, a bearded Denver Broncos fan extraordinaire, who loves his team, and hates mine so much, that he decided to make his own YouTube series and talk about his team so he can try to make a living off of that. I admire him for that.

Though we disagree about football perspective, namely our views of the Patriots and Tom Brady, I can still appreciate his style of commentary. Perna is very crude in his language and presentation, but that’s part of his charm. He is always willing to mock and ridicule everyone, and he relentlessly loves his team, as a true fan would. He makes many more jokes about sex, drugs, and other inappropriate things than I would ever make or have experience in, but he makes me laugh whenever he has a new video out.

It’s especially fun watching him ridicule the teams in his division, like the Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers. I have mixed feelings about his Patriots related videos. For example, when he did a video after last year’s AFC Championship game, where the Broncos defeated the Pats, I was annoyed with him and the Broncos. I knew what he was gonna say, but I was still a bit peeved by it all. On the other hand, when the Broncos were defeated by the Pats in the regular season both this year and last, I loved watching his videos. Does this make me a jerk for taking joy at the expense of others?probably. Oops. I’m just being a sports fan and rooting for my team.

I hope that Brandon will keep producing more videos like this, and will entertain the crowds made up of Broncos fans, and others, for a long time to come. He’s very talented, though crude, and wonderfully funny. He reminds me what it is to be a loyal sports fan. Thanks Brandon! Follow him on his YouTube page, his Facebook account, and on

2 thoughts on “Appreciating other team’s fans

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