Football on Tap for Sunday

I’m a big football fan. I started paying attention to the game in 2004, or so. I’ve watched an NFL game every Sunday since then, because it’s an entertaining game with power, grace, physicality, speed, and beauty.

Last Sunday was championship Sunday, when the participants in the Super Bowl are decided. Both my favorite teams, the Packers and Patriots, played that day. One was victorious, the other was defeated. The New England Patriots rolled over the Indianapolis Colts. They walked all over the younger, less experienced Colts with a final score of 45-7. Watching your team win is a blast. And while the football fan in my would prefer a closer game, the Patriots fan in me loved the rout they put on the Colts. They’re back in the Super Bowl. Hooray!

The other game, between the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks and my Green Bay Packers, was more exciting, but also a heart breaker. The Packers led the game, played in the hostile environment of Seattle, 16-0 at the half, and led the game 19-7 with under 3 minutes to go in the game. However, the Seahawks rallied, with a transformation by Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, a lucky bounce on an onside kick, a fake field goal, a lucky 2 point conversion, and a perfect touchdown in overtime to beat Green Bay 28-22. I was crushed by the end of the game. Instead of the Packers playing the Pats in the Super Bowl, the Packers are put on a list of the biggest championship chokers, and the Seahawks will defend their Super Bowl championship. It hurt watching the end of that game.

It was still a fun day of football. And it was the last weekend until the Super Bowl where football will be played. Go Patriots in the big game on Super Bowl Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Football on Tap for Sunday

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