Baseball in the Winter

No, I didn’t go out and play baseball in the blizzard, though I really wish I had. Baseball is my favorite game, both to play and to watch. I have a summer birthday, I grew up playing in my town and with my dad, and I get excited for any discussion about baseball. Everything from a Hall of Fame debate, to honoring past greatness, to commiserating with others about how bad my team is, to the chance of going to games at Fenway or with the New Britain Rock Cats. I spent part of the snow day watching old baseball highlights to keep distracted and entertained. It’s still early in semester, so there’s not too much work for me to do yet. So when I wasn’t outside playing in the snow, or doing schoolwork, I spent time watching baseball highlights. It ranged from looking at the 2001 World Series, among the greatest ever played, player highlights of people like Mike Trout, Dustin Pedroia, Andrew McCutchen, and even Derek Jeter, and a look back at my favorite team, the 2004 Red Sox. I miss seeing baseball games every night, and I’m excited for the upcoming season. I’m reminded of my love of baseball by the stuff that pops up on my YouTube feed, and the amount of memories I have at Fenway Park, which I see when I take a 3 minute walk down the street. This reminder for all baseball fans, 22 days until the first team has pitchers and catchers report for spring training. 23 days until the Red Sox pitchers and catchers report. Hope this leaves you feeling a little warmer after a nice reminder about baseball.

4 thoughts on “Baseball in the Winter

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