Selflessness and Sports

For me, sports provide an avenue to learn more of the human soul, and the best of the human condition. When I turned on my laptop when I got home, I went to YouTube, and an E60 piece from ESPN about a Chicago Cubs prospect named Matt Sczcur (pronounced like Caesar). It told how he helped save a young girl’s life by donating a piece of his healthy bone marrow. Watch the clip here to be inspired by generosity and complete selflessness.

Sczcur was a star football and baseball player, and gave of his body and life without any thought for his benefit. In fact, by donating bone marrow, he lost important time to impress MLB scouts to earn better position for future employment. He sacrifices and expects nothing in return. It is that sort of love that I want to have and that’s the way I want to live my life. Thanks Matt for reminding me of that.

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