See You Down at the Track

If only I were fit and fast enough to compete in Track and Field. I had a chance to take part in my high school track team a few years ago, but I had too many other time commitments to allow me to do it. Oh well. I still respect track and field people and admire their strength and ability. This weekend, I got to work my first track meet, as the Public Address Announcer for the John Thomas Terrier Invitational.

Common reactions I hear for track are things like, oh the meets are so long and so boring. And to the untrained eye, I can understand that for some events. For example, watching a series of 5K’s is not the most exciting event to watch, for the same reason that watching a Marathon is not the most exciting or aesthetically pleasing. But to watch endurance running is to look into the human will and the best of it can show in a good quality run. Also, the field events are so cool to watch. Tell me how it’s not amazing watching people fly through the air the way they do in the pole vault.


Not to mention the blazing fast sprints, the great competitions you get out of the mid distance runs and the relays, track and field is actually entertaining in many respects, once you learn and know what to look for. It’s not the greatest sport for PA announcers, but truthfully, unless you’re in basketball or boxing, where the announcer is more featured but still secondary to the sport itself, people don’t go for the announcers. They go for the sport, entertainment, social setting, or intensity of the game. It was fun calling a track meet. I hope I get to do more work like this in the future!

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