We Are The Champions! Take that Patriot Haters!

What a football game last night. If you’re it a sports fan or if you don’t care about football, then you know that last night, Super Bowl XLIX, or 49 if you don’t know Roman numerals, was played last night between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. This was billed as a great matchup between two heavy weights. One team was the defending Super Bowl champion with the greatest defense in the world and an offense that won’t beat you with skill but will physically wear you down behind Marshawn Lynch, aka my cousin, aka beast mode. The other team was an embattled organization trying to redeem themselves after two disappointing losses in prior Super Bowls. With a win, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick would seal their legacies as the greatest of their professions.

The game lived up to the billing. It was a fantastic football game that ran the gamut of feelings for fans of both sides, and I assume for both teams. I was happy, stressed, annoyed, defeated, and elated. If you’d like any evidence for this, take a look at my live reaction videos to the events of the 4th quarter, which was the most exciting 4th quarter of football I’ve ever seen. This first video is from when the Pats took the lead on a Tom Brady to Julian Edleman.

This second video is from just before a Seattle time out.

This third and last one covers the final seconds of the game and shows the full range of emotion.

Do I care too much about games that do not have a direct impact on me? Probably. Do I care still? Absolutely I do! After the game, I went out into Kenmore Square, as much as was possible since the BPD cordoned off the square. I went back to Central Campus, where I live and ran into one of my friends who is a bigger Pats fan than me. We had a brief discussion about the game and a victory hug. That was satisfying and fun.

And yes, I’m completely spoiled as a sports fan. The Red Sox won a World Series recently, the Bruins are competitive every year, and the Celtics have won more championships than any other NBA team. Even UConn has been in it recently. I’m lucky as a sports fan, being a Boston sports fan. I love getting to watch my teams win. I’ve never been as into watching a game on TV as I was for this game. I loved it. I now hope that Patriot haters like Brandon Perna let us celebrate. Not trying to be a jerk, just a respectful request Brandon! And one to all Patriot haters who doubted this team and called us liars and cheats for a living. Thanks for fueling our team to a win!

Here are some pictures of the game and celebration courtesy of the Boston Globe.





7 thoughts on “We Are The Champions! Take that Patriot Haters!

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