Vocal Rest

I’ve been very unkind to my voice the last few days. I’ve done a radio show, worked a track meet for Public Address work, and screamed my voice out watching the Super Bowl and celebrating it on the streets after the game. Fun? Yes. Enjoying? Yes. Good for my voice? Not in the least bit. Before and after my radio show today I had to be completely silent, more or less. I only said a little in passing to some people and had one or two extended conversations today, and those were both with my roommate. The rest of the time I was silent. If you know me you are now thinking something like “Huh? Chris being quiet for a bit? Such an idea is possible? Such an event has actually happened?” Oh yes. When needed, I can sit back and be quiet. I can be pensive, reflective, and listen when I have to be. I actually find it relaxing to be off on your own for a time, so you can reflect on the things you need to, and God knows I need to reflect on many things. I was happy for the chance to be pensive, but I need to take better care of my voice so that I don’t have any future problems, or that I end up like Johnny Most, as heard here.

One thought on “Vocal Rest

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