What a Game!!!

I just had the craziest sports night in my brief time working games. Last night was the first night of the Beanpot, an annual college hockey tournament between the four major colleges in the area, Boston University, Boston College, Harvard, and Northeastern University.

As I’ve written about here before, I do broadcasting work for WTBU Sports, the sports branch of our student radio station, WTBU, which you can listen to here. wtburadio.org.

Due to schedule shifts, I filled in for color commentary on the broadcast for the BU Harvard game to open the Beanpot. Just setting up our equipment was a tale unto itself! We brought our equipment. We had everything we needed except for one little thing: The power source for our console, which was a plug that connected to the wall. Of all things to lose! Well we looked around and tried to see what we could to to get the right equipment. We asked the in house guy at the Garden, other BU people, even a tech guy from NESN kicked in to help us a little. Eventually, we gave up looking for a power source and really stretches our request to see if we could find another console to use. I went and talked to the main tech guy at the Boston Garden about it. I followed him into the back, and he told me “Well we don’t have much but we do have this one if you want to use it.” He was holding a 6 mic sound console. I took it immediately, saying “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I ran back to our booth and we started getting the board set up with not much time to go. We then had a hard time setting everything up, and we had to get some outside help. Naturally, we got the tech man from NESN we had talked to earlier in to help us out. We finally got everything working and 3 minutes into the game, we were underway.

And then the game itself was unbelievable!! A double overtime game between two of the best teams in the country, 63 saves by Harvard’s goalie, Steve Michalek, intense moments, bone crushing hits, and the great resolve to win. With the score tied at 3 early in the second overtime, BU forced a turnover, and Evan Rodrigues passed it to Danny O’Regan who drilled a shot to give BU a 4-3 victory that felt like 4 games rolled into one. It was a fantastic game, and I’m so thrilled that I got to call it. And it’s also nice that I got to meet people from NESN like Tom Caron and Andy Brickly and I got to talk hockey with both of them.

So yeah, I had a great and crazy night. Thanks Garden, I mean Gahden for treating me so well!


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