I did theatre throughout high school. I loved working with a script, learning a character, doing a show, and going through all the technical pieces of a show. The other great piece of showtime was the fun behind the scenes. A lot of our theatre fun, especially at the summer camp I went to for a while, was spent playing improv games, something like what Who’s Line is it Anyway would do. Since entering college, I’ve not been on stage for a show at BU, and I’ve not done a show here at all since the first semester of my freshman year. I’ve done shows with the West Hartford Summer Arts Festival the last two summers at least. But I still miss getting to do shows on a regular basis.

Friday gave me a chance to have some theatrical fun. The BU Catholic Center has a group of people who do improve sketches for some fun. Some are members of Liquid Fun, an improv comedy group on campus here, who wanted to share the fun with a few other people, so they created the Sistine Chaps, a Catholic improv comedy group. We play games like Ding, Zip Zap Zop, Eulogy, 2×2, and other improv games like that. It’s a fantastic opportunity to de-stress after a week of class and work on a Friday afternoon, and just have some fun. Theatre is refreshing and enjoyable, and this time was no different. I’ve had a fun, but tiring week, and I needed to have a little fun, so I did. I’m happy that improv exists for me to enjoy.

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