Thanks Coach

I have a job with WTBU as the beat writer for the BU Men’s basketball team. (By the way you can read my articles here.) That means I get to go to every game, every press conference, and every event that reporters are allowed to be at. It’s a great job. And truthfully, one of my favorite parts of it is getting to cover, talk to, and listen to Coach Joe Jones, the Head Coach of BU.

In many respects, he is exactly what I want to be. He’s passionate, confident, loves his job, like able guy, funny, is well dressed and has a great deal of fun with what he does. I admire Coach for how much he loves his job and how much he wants his team to succeed. He understands what his job is, to maximize the ability and potential of his team. I also appreciate how much easier he makes my job by being a great interview and giving answers that write my stories for me.

It is unfortunate that this year’s team, with a record of 9-13, is not performing up to their potential. It is also unfortunate that the attendance numbers are not good. Agganis Arena was so quiet in their last game, a 62-59 victory over Navy, that you could hear Coach Jones lighting into his team in time outs. I feel bad for Coach and the players. They deserve bigger audiences and for more students to come and cheer for them. The next game is on the road against Lafayette, and then there are two games at home, one on Wednesday against conference leading Colgate, and one on Saturday against Loyola of Maryland. BU is in the middle of the conference standings and can make a run at it this year. More fans to support them on Wednesday and then again on Saturday would be the best way for us to say “Thanks Coach. Thanks for your hard work to get success out of your team and we acknowledge it all. Thank you.”

3 thoughts on “Thanks Coach

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